Microsoft Excel Dashboard and PivotTable Workshop

A pivot table doesn’t actually change the spreadsheet or database table itself, but instead allows the user to quickly reorganize and manipulate the data, and create a summary to accomplish analysis tasks.

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o Pivot Table Fundamentals
-Create a pivot table
-Add/Remove pivot table Fields
-Rearrange the layout of pivot table
-Rename a field
-Add a new field
-Work with value areas
-Reveal the source data
o Summarize Data
-Use functions to summarize values
-Display values as percentages
-Compare totals and base value
-Show running totals
-Change the sort order
-Show the ranking values
-Changing the analysis function
o Filters and Slicers
-Filter data using the report filter
-Filter data using the pivot table filters
-Organize the pivot table through the use of slicers
o Design the Pivot Table
-Styling the pivot table
-Display sub-totals in different positions
-Remove Grand Totals
-Tabular view
-Outline view
-Formatting numbers in the data area
o Group Data
-Creating custom groups
-Group data by date
-Group data by range
o Work with Multiple Tables
-Create and manage table relationships
o Consolidation Ranges
-Consolidate data using a pivot table
-Work with consolidated data
o Pivot Table Calculations
-Create calculated items and fields
-Work the calculated Items and fields
-Understanding the GetPivotData Function
o Pivot Charts
-Create and format a pivot chart report
-Work with pivot chart report data
o Dashboard
-Understanding Dashboard
-Create a dashboard
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