AG03: Building the Backlog and Implementing Software Development Practices

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A well-formed product backlog is an important tool for sharing user needs and priorities with an Agile team. It is also an essential tool for product owners in helping them make appropriate planning decisions and for effectively managing emerging requirements. 

User stories and user story maps provide a quick way of capturing customer and stakeholder requirements without creating expensive (and often rapidly outdated) formal documentation. 

Through capturing user and business needs in the form of user stories and by  prioritizing them in the backlog by business value, product owners help Agile teams focus on delivering the right solutions at the right times. 

Collaborative requirements elicitation also helps ensure that technical teams are fully engaged in finding the optimal solutions to business needs.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) – 14

Course Prerequisites      

  • One of (AG01, AG02, AG04, AG13, AG15)

  • OR Certified Scrum Master or worked in Agile Team for at least 12 months

Course Format  

  • Lectures, discussions and hands-on activities

Intended Audience            

  • Project Managers, Team Leads, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Product Managers, Developers & Architects, UI & UX designers, Testers & QA

Virtual Delivery  

  • This course is available for Virtual Delivery. Some conditions apply.

Certification Course         

  • No

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1 – Where do Backlogs come from?

    • The role of Business Operations and Portfolio Management

    • How Value informs the Backlog

  • Chapter 2 – How do we build the Right Things?

    • Building the Right Things

    • Types of Backlogs

  • Chapter 3 – What are User Stories?

    • Why do we need User Stories?

    • What is a User Story?

    • Aspects of User Stories

    • Writing User Stories

    • Beyond the User Story

  • Chapter 4 – How do we build a Better Backlog?

    • Key Techniques

    • Maintaining the Backlog

  • Chapter 5 – What are Agile Development Practices

    • Building Things Right

    • Myths and Misconceptions

    • Agile Development Practices

  • Chapter 6 – What is Agile Testing?

    • The Agile Testing Mindset

    • Agile Testing Matrix

    • Testing Topics and Resources