AG05: Agile Release Planning

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A popular misconception is that Agile work involves little or no planning; the reality is that successful Agile organizations constantly engage in disciplined planning activities and regularly validate plans against what they’ve learned in the course of delivering work incrementally.


Agile planning practices impel organizations and project teams to create alignment on the vision and goals of the work to be done, clearly define how teams will work together to foster collaboration, and identifies the factors in the environment that will help or hinder the team’s success.


In this course, participants will learn about Agile planning principles and practices as they apply to release and portfolio planning.  Rolling-wave planning and estimating techniques enable teams to make useful estimates and get moving on high-value work while anticipating emergent changes.  Building and maintaining backlogs at the release, product and portfolio level creates visibility into future objectives and supports adaptive planning with minimal overhead.  Project chartering activities help set the stage for high performance by getting the team on the same page as to the purpose, value and constraints of the work at hand.


Although these practices have evolved in the context of software projects, these approaches and techniques can be applied to many kinds of work.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) – 14

Course Prerequisites      

  • One of (AG01, AG02, AG04, AG13, AG15)

  • OR Certified Scrum Master or worked in Agile Team for at least 12 months

Course Format  

  • Lectures, discussions and hands-on activities

Intended Audience            

  • Agile Business Analysts, Agile Project Managers, Agile Practitioners, Agile Product Owners

Virtual Delivery  

  • This course is available for Virtual Delivery. Some conditions apply.

Certification Course         

  • No

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Elements of a Release Plan

    • Product Roadmaps

    • Backlogs

    • User Stories

    • Story Maps

  • Chapter 2: Getting Started on an Agile Release Plan

    • Know When You Can Start

    • Clarify the Release with and Impact Map

    • Lay the Groundwork with an Agile Charter

    • Maintain a Useful Product Backlog

  • Chapter 3: Creating and Executing Release Plans

    • The Overall Process

    • Creating User Stores

    • Make User Stories Useful

    • More About User Stories

    • Creating and Using Personas

  • Chapter 4: Story Maps and Additional Planning Elements

    • Creating Story Maps

    • Additional Elements

    • Adjusting Release Plans