AG06: Agile Value Management

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It has been estimated that each year that over a trillion dollars is wasted on failed IT projects globally. And this is just IT! Marketing for example, also has its share of multi-million dollar boondoggles in some of the larger organizations.

Everyone talks about creating and delivering value but what is value and why does it matter?  

In this course we first establish the core principles of Value and Value Agility and explain how existing Agile approaches can be extended to more fully address Value considerations. We then introduce a Value-centric and results-based approach that quickly enables you to focus on the answering the Why questions that help you understand which projects you should undertake and the sequence you should do them in in order to satisfy defined business strategy. We conclude with discussing the role of Personas and Customer Value Analysis in strengthening your understanding of your customers to ensure to ensure you can deliver the right things in the right way.

This course also uses exercises to reinforce the concepts taught.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) – 7

Course Prerequisites      

  • One of (AG01, AG02, AG04, AG13, AG15)

  • OR Certified Scrum Master

  • OR worked in Agile Team for at least 12 months

Course Format  

  • Lectures, discussions and hands-on activities

Intended Audience            

  • CxO, VPs, Directors, Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers, HR, Finance, Marketing

    Virtual Delivery  

  • This course is available for Virtual Delivery. Some conditions apply.

Certification Course         

  • No

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: What is Value Agility?

    • What is Value Agility?

    • What is Business Value?

    • Principles of Value

    • Innovate Create Deliver

    • Value Creation and Delivery

  • Chapter 2: What is Outcomes and Benefits Management?

    • One project or many projects?

    • Origins and Characteristics of Outcomes Management

    • Start with the End in Mind

    • Customer Driven Outcomes

    • The Outcomes Process Model

  • Chapter 3: Additional Practices

    • Personas

    • Customer Value Analysis