Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

Course Description

You have probably been using FileMaker Pro for a while, maintaining databases that other people have designed, and even designing some yourself. You may have created several databases to track information such as contacts, inventory, or other information that you can’t adequately manage using a spreadsheet or word processing application. However, you may be faced with a project where a single FileMaker database cannot manage data that needs to be accessed from multiple tables spread in different database files.

In addition, you are required to share your database with other users on a network. In this course, you will set up an integrated database system dealing with data found in multiple database files. You will also make the database accessible to someone in the same office, or anyone who is searching for information using a web browser without compromising on the security by taking the necessary precautions.


You will create a database model based on relationships between tables that hold data. You will automate tasks based on scripts, work with functions and data found in external data sources. In addition, you will publish your database on the web and provide utilitarian features to users.



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This course is for the students who have some experience using FileMaker Pro and are aware that their need for managing data exceeds their current capabilities. In addition, this course is for the FileMaker Pro 9 user that needs to share databases with other users on a network or over the Internet.



Before taking this course, students should have completed the FileMaker Pro 9: Level 1 course. In addition, they should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer’s operating system. Students should also have basic word processing skills, such as copying, pasting, and formatting text, and so on.


Course Completion Skills:

  • Create relationships between tables in a database file.

  • Create buttons to perform tasks.
  • Access data from external filemaker sources or files found in an external database.
  • Enhance the layout of your database.
  • Prepare and publish your database on the web.
  • Follow some of the best practices to keep data safe and prevent information loss.



Lesson 1 Creating Relationships Between Databases

Create Relationships

Access Data Using a Portal

Create a Lookup

Create a Relationship Using an Intermediate Table

Access Data from Related Tables

Summarize Related Data

Create a Value List


Lesson 2 Creating Buttons

Create Buttons to Execute Simple Tasks

Create Buttons to Execute Complex Tasks

Create Buttons to Execute Scripts


Lesson 3 Sharing and Exchanging Data

Share a Database with All Users on a Network

Share a Database Based on a Predefined Privilege Set

Share a Database Based on a Customized Privilege Set

Access Remote Data

Access Data from External Data Sources


Lesson 4 Enhancing the Database Layout

Add Tab Control

Create a Layout Using Fields from Related Tables

Enhance the Layout


Lesson 5 Publishing a Database on the Web

Prepare a Database for Publishing

Publish a Database for the Web

Work with the Web Viewer Tool


Lesson 6 Protecting Data

Create Backup of Database files

Maintain Data Security