ITILCMDB – How to Develop, Define and Implement a CMDB

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About This Course

This 2-day workshop will introduce Service Asset and Configuration Management process and its importance to the success of ITSM program in an organization. Also, it will discuss:

– The process activities
– The tools and technology that should support the process and the considerations that should be taken when choosing such tools
– How to manage the process, verify the integrity of the information and improve the process maturity over time.

Delivery Methods

• Instructor led Classroom environment
• Virtual Web-based


• ITIL® Foundation certificate is recommended.  Can be obtained by taking Course ITIL® 2011 Foundation Certification (Includes Exam)


IT professionals interested in understanding the content and concepts of the new ITIL® 2011, as well as understand the differences with previous ITIL® V3:
• Senior technical and operational staff
• IT professionals and consultants
• IT customers
• SACM process Owner
• SAMC process Managers
• Configuration Management system Analysts
• Configuration Management system tool administrators
• Business Analysts, IT Process Designers, Data Architect
• Change Managers
• IT Consultants, IT Project Managers

Program Objectives

• The course objectives are to enable course participants a solid understanding of:
– ITSM lifecycle at high level
– The Service Asset & Configuration Management process
– The required organizational buy-in and commitment
– The associated tools and technologies
– The related roles and responsibility
– The approach to implementing, managing and improving the process over time.

Course Outline

• The program will Introduce ITSM at high level; also it will provide you with the knowledge and first steps to:
– Ensure business buy-in and commitment
– The importance of Governance, risk management for ITSM and all its processes
– Define and create a SACM process
– Define and create a CMDB plan
– Understand the CSFs, KPIs, Metrics associated with the CMS/CMDB
– Understanding the relationships between SACM, CMS, CMDB and other ITSM processes, especially Change Management process
– Impact of change and change resistance
– Linkage and integration with different supporting tools
– The roles and responsibilities associated with the process from defining to managing and improving (Owner, Managers, coordinators, librarians, tools administrators, etc…)
– Defining and designing CMDB related data model
– Defining, designing and deploying CMS/CMDB
– Technology and deployment considerations
– Defining and building a project plan for creating a CMDB

Program Material (handout)

• A printed copy of the instructor’s presentation will be distributed to the participants.
• Additional sample documents and templates including:
– Example project plan for creating a CMDB
– Considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a CMS/CMDB tools and technologies
– RACI matrix identifying roles and responsibilities
– Sample roles and responsibilities
– Checklist for criteria to select appropriate CMDB


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