CompTIA Security+ Certification Series

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Course 01 – Security Fundamentals 2hr 29m

Topic A – The Information Security Cycle
Topic B – Information Security Controls
Topic C – Authentication Methods
Topic D – Cryptography Fundamentals
Demo 1 – Exploring Public Key Cryptography
Demo 2 – Sharing a Secret Message with Steganography
Demo 3 – Calculating Hashes
Topic E – Security Policy Fundamentals

Course 02 – Identifying Security Threats and Vulnerabilities 2hr 38m

Topic A – Social Engineering
Topic B – Malware
Demo 1 – Installing Antivirus Software
Demo 2 – Scanning Your System for Spyware
Topic C – Software-Based Threats
Demo 1 – Managing Application Security
Topic D – Network-Based Threats
Topic E – Wireless Threats and Vulnerabilities
Demo 1 – Configuring a Wireless Access Point
Demo 2 – Configuring a Wireless Client
Topic F – Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities

Course 03 – Managing Data, Application, and Host Security 3hr 4m

Topic A – Manage Data Security
Demo 1 – Managing Data Security
Topic B – Manage Application Security
Demo 1 – Configuring a Web Browser
Topic C – Manage Device and Host Security
Demo 1 – Hardening a Server
Demo 2 – Implementing Auditing
Topic D – Manage Mobile Security

Course 04 – Implementing Network Security 3hr 9m

Topic A – Configure Security Parameters on Network Devices and Technologies
Demo 1 – Configuring Firewall Parameters
Demo 2 – Configuring a Network Intrusion Detection System
Topic B – Network Design Elements and Components
Topic C – Implement Networking Protocols and Services
Demo 1 – Securing Network Traffic Using IP Security
Demo 2 – Installing an IIS Web Server
Topic D – Apply Secure Network Administration Principles
Topic E – Secure Wireless Traffic
Demo 1 – Securing Wireless Traffic

Course 05 – Implementing Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management 1hr 17m

Topic A – Access Control and Authentication Services
Demo 1 – Backing Up Active Directory
Topic B – Implement Account Management Security Controls
Demo 1 – Account Management Security Controls

Course 06 – Managing Certificates 57m

Topic A – Install a CA Hierarchy
Demo 1 – Installing a Certificate Authority
Topic B – Enroll Certificates
Demo 1 – Enrolling for Certificates
Topic C – Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates
Topic D – Renew Certificates
Topic E – Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
Topic F – Revoke Certificates
Demo 1 – Revoking Certificates

Course 07 – Implementing Compliance and Operational Security 50m

Topic A – Physical Security
Topic B – Legal Compliance
Topic C – Security Awareness and Training
Topic D – Integrate Systems and Data with Third Parties

Course 08 – Risk Management 50m

Topic A – Risk Analysis
Topic B – Implement Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques
Topic C – Scan for Vulnerabilities
Demo 1 – Scanning for Port Vulnerabilities
Demo 2 – Scanning for Password Vulnerabilities
Topic D – Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques
Demo 1 – Capturing Network Data

Course 09 – Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents 33m

Topic A – Respond to Security Incidents
Topic B – Recover from a Security Incident

Course 10 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning 50m

Topic A – Business Continuity
Topic B – Plan for Disaster Recovery
Demo 1 – Creating a RAID Array Through Software
Topic C – Execute DRPs and Procedures

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