Foxit PhantomPDF for Desktop

In this course you will learn how to: Manage PDF viewing options; Create a PDF from multiple file formats and applications; Add navigation elements to your PDF document; Organize your PDF document; Edit text objects, headers, and footers; Manage PhantomPDF print settings; Manage essential document properties and security options.

Days : 2
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Course Outline
What are PDF files used for?
PDF authoring and reading tools
PhantomPDF overview
PhantomPDF Tour
Workspace basics
Preferences and customization
Reading PDFs
Opening, closing and saving documents
Multi-tab and single document reading
Navigating through a document
Adjusting the page view
Adjusting the view mode
Rulers, grids, and line weights
PDF file comparison
Commenting Overview
Creating PDFs
What is the purpose of your PDF?
Create PDFs in PhantomPDF
Create PDFs from multiple files
Convert multiple files in separate PDFs
Create a PDF from a web page
Creating PDFs from scanned documents
Create a PDF from other applications
Adding Navigation
Adding web links
Adding Navigation Links
Add and edit Bookmarks
Managing Destinations
Organizing your PDF
Inserting pages
Rotate, move, swap and delete pages
Extract, duplicate and replace pages
Split PDFs into multiple files
Crop pages
Editing your PDF
Add a text object
Link and join text objects
Edit a text object
Modify, arrange, and delete objects
Modify text object properties
Editing Images
Adding running headers and footers
Formatting page numbers
Printing your PDF
Printing multiple PDFs
Using the Snapshot tool
Printing multiple pages
Printing from Bookmarks
Working with the Print dialog
Setting PDF Printing Preferences
Document Properties
What is metadata and what is it good for?
What are initial view settings and why should I set them?
Protecting your Document
Document clean up
Basic security options
Certification protection
Creating security policies