Adobe Illustrator is the full featured standard for creating graphics for every purpose. Use Adobe Illustrator’s custom shapes, tracing features and advanced text engine to create engaging original artwork.

Days : 2
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Course Outline

  • The Illustrator Workspace
    • Illustrator help and resources
    • Using tools, controls and panels
    • Setting up the workspace
  • Working with an Adobe Illustrator File
    • What is the difference between a picture (pixels) and an illustration (vectors)?
    • Creating a new Illustrator document
    • Working with artboards (pages)
    • Adding, deleting and changing your pages
    • Zooming in and out on your artwork
    • Working with rulers, grids and guidelines to aid illustration
    • Preview and outline views
    • Working with the basic appearances, fills and strokes (borders)
    • The difference between the various selection tools
    • Working with groups of objects
    • Working with the Layers panel to manage objects
  • Drawing in Adobe Illustrator
    • Drawing basic shapes
    • Drawing line segments and grids
    • Working with live corners and shapes
    • Drawing custom shapes with the Pen tool
    • Tracing an image
    • Drawing with the Pencil tools
    • Using the various eraser tools
    • Creative strokes and brush presets
  • Auto tracing and working with images
    • Importing an image to trace
    • Importing an image to include in your artwork
    • Working with the auto trace tools
    • Expanding a traced image
    • Working with the Live paint tool
    • Expanding a Live paint group
  • Transforming and Combining Shapes
    • Moving, scaling and rotating objects
    • Other common transformations
    • Using effects to change the shape of objects
    • Merging shapes together and cutting shapes apart
    • Combining shapes with the shape builder tool
  • Working with Type
    • Incorporating formatted text into your artwork
    • Using type on a path and other text effects
    • Using text as artwork
  • Working with Colour
    • An overview of colour theory Illustrator’s colour tools
    • Saving and using colour swatches and swatch libraries
    • Saving and using gradients (colour blends) on fills and strokes
  • Saving and Exporting Illustrator Files
    • Saving in the Adobe Illustrator format and compatibility options
    • Saving copies of the artwork in other common formats (EPS, PDF and Flash files)
    • Exporting the artwork in common digital image formats (PhotoShop, JPG and TIFF)