LiveCycle Designer: JavaScript

In this course you will learn how to: Get and set field properties; Call LiveCycle built-in functions; Add and remove sections of a form; Populate fields through scripting; Perform complex form validation.

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Course Outline

  • LiveCycle Designer review
    • form setup
    • creating forms
    • static vs dynamic forms
    • using the Script Editor
  • LiveCycle JavaScript events
    • process events
    • interactive events
    • application events
  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • classes, objects, properties and methods
    • commenting
    • reserved characters
    • escaping characters
    • variables and arrays
    • conditional statements
    • loops
    • functions
    • using a scripting object
  • LiveCycle object properties and methods
    • using the Scripting Guide
    • common properties
    • getting and setting properties
    • common methods
    • calling methods
  • Practical examples
    • adding/removing sections of a form
    • populating fields through scripting
    • working with bilingual forms
    • locking form fields
    • choosing recipients dynamically
    • complex form validation