Premiere Pro

In this course, you will learn how to: Import and capture footage; Edit footage and create transitions; Create titles; Export your digital video for various formats.

Days : 3
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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to non-linear editing
    • Overview of the offline editing
    • Working with the Adobe Premiere Pro interface
    • Creating workspace for various display sizes
    • Overview of analog and digital video formats
  • Project settings and capturing
    • Standard definition and high definition editing
    • Creating and editing project settings
    • Adjusting user preferences
    • Capturing video and audio
    • Logging and capture settings
    • Using DV and HDV device controllers
    • Batch capturing
  • Importing and Assets
    • Importing assets
    • Managing media in the project panel
    • Managing tapeless media in the media browser
    • Overview of video, audio, image and graphics formats
    • Video, audio, image and graphics issues
    • Working with the source panel
    • Viewing and playback options
  • Editing Fundamentals
    • Using in-point and out-point
    • Overview of the timeline and sequence
    • Adding, removing and managing audio/video tracks
    • Creating a rough cut
    • Basic video editing tools and markers
    • Program panel and source panel
    • Trimming audio and video clips
    • Working with the ripple edit and ripple delete tools
    • Three point editing
  • Effects and Transitions
    • Effects and effect controls panel
    • Introduction to audio and video transitions
    • Adding, removing and editing transitions
    • Using the trim and rolling edit tools with transitions
    • Audio and video filters
    • Basic video and audio enhancement filters
    • Understanding video colour correction
    • How to apply audio and video noise reduction
    • Basic colour correction
  • Creating Titles
    • Working with the title window
    • Introduction to the title tools, actions, properties and styles
    • Using title templates
  • Using Keyframes
    • Overview of motion and opacity
    • Using keyframes in non-linear editing
    • Adding, removing and editing keyframes
  • Exporting and Optimization
    • Adjusting audio tracks using the audio mixer
    • Creating the final cut
    • Introduction to the DVD format and export settings
    • Exporting to Adobe Encore
    • Working with Adobe Media Encoder
    • Exporting to Adobe Flash video, Quicktime and Windows Media
    • Export setting for YouTube, Vimeo and Apple TV
    • Exporting to portable media players (iPod…)
    • Exporting to DVD and Blu-Ray