Microsoft Flow: Introduction for End Users Version 365

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service that makes it practical and simple for line-of-business users to build workflows that automate time-consuming business tasks and processes across applications and services.

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What is Microsoft Flow
How is flow different than the other workflow tools

What can we do with Microsoft Flow
How flow works

4 main types of flows

Most common uses for flow

Flow is not just for Microsoft products
     3rd party services and connectors

The different Microsoft Flow plans
Which subscriptions include Microsoft Flow
     Standard and premium connectors

Accessing Microsoft Flow
Web browser
     Office 365 portal
     Log directly into flow portal

     iOS, Android, or Windows phone
     iOS or Android tablet

Managing Microsoft Flow
Navigating the Microsoft Flow portal

Reviewing approvals

My Flows
     Working with flows
•      Manually triggered
•      Automatically triggered
•      Scheduled
•      Editing your own flows
•      Editing shared flows

Using templates to create a flow
     Get a push notification when email arrives from a specific person

Using connectors to create a flow
     Create a task when an email is flagged
•      Static content vs Dynamic content
•      Expressions

Creating flows from blank
     Set up a recurring task in Planner
     Set up a scheduled email reminder for the team meeting

Creating Button flows
     10 minute reminder flow
     Add a to-do item to your task list

Create an Approval flow for a Time off request

Publish your flows

Trigger your manual flows

Using Microsoft Flow inside the Teams environment
Run your own flows, and shared flows from inside Teams

Create flows inside Teams

Add a flow to a channel
     Create a channel message when a task is assigned in a Team Plan

Mobile app
Build flows directly from the mobile app

Manage existing flows
     Editing
     Turning on/off
     View history

Get Push notifications to your device

Trigger flows via Buttons