Microsoft Outlook 365 – Level Two

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • use the more advanced options
  • configure advanced message options, use advanced message management options
  • manage activities using tasks, edit electronic business cards, share your workspaces with others
  • manage Outlook data files Participants must use the Desktop version of Outlook


Days : 1
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Course Outline

  • Configuring Advanced Message Options
    • This lesson gives students a look at how to insert advanced characters and objects, how to modify message settings, properties, and options, and how to use automatic replies.
  • Advanced Message Management
    • Several topics are covered in this lesson, including: sort, filter, organize and search messages, manage junk mail, and manage your mailbox.
  • Advanced Calendar and Task Management
    • Here, students are introduced to how to: manage advanced calendar options, manage additional calendars, manage meeting responses, and how to assign and manage tasks.
  • Advanced Contact Management
    • This lesson takes a look at dealing with contacts and how to edit an electronic business card, manage advanced contact options, forward contacts, and export contacts.
  • Sharing Workspaces with Others
    • In this lesson, students are taught how to delegate access to mail folders, how to share your calendar, and how to share your contacts.
  • Managing Outlook Data Files
    • Covered in this lesson is how to back up Outlook items and how to change data file settings.
  • Managing E-mail Security
    • Email security is the focus of this topic and how to configure e-mail message security.