Power BI Fundamentals for End Users-2016

The main purpose of the course is to review the essential skills needed to take data from Excel into Power BI then transform and shape the data, model the data, create reports, then publish the reports on the Power BI cloud service.

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Getting started
Introducing Power BI
A quick look at Power BI Desktop
A quick look at the Power BI service

Power BI and Excel
Introduction to using Excel data in Power BI
Upload Excel data to Power BI
OneDrive for Business with Excel
Import Power View and Power Pivot to Power BI

Getting Data
Available data sources in Power BI Desktop
Connecting to data sources
Connecting to a database
Connecting to a CSV file

Shaping and Transforming Data
Introduction to the Query Editor
Clean and transform your data with the Query Editor
Cleaning irregularly formatted data

Introduction to modeling your data
How to manage your data relationships
Optimizing data models
Introduction to DAX
DAX calculation types
DAX functions
Create calculated columns
Create calculated measures
Create calculated tables
Explore your time-based data

Introduction to visuals in Power BI
Create and customize simple visualizations
Modify colors in charts and visuals
Shapes, text boxes, and images
Page layout and formatting
Interactions among visualizations
Visual hierarchies and drill-down
Using custom visualizations
R integration in Power BI Desktop

Publishing and Sharing
Introduction to the Power BI service
Publish Power BI Desktop reports
Create and configure a dashboard
Share dashboards with your organization
Quick insights in Power BI
Ask questions of your data with natural language
Create custom Q&A suggestions
Introduction to security, and workspaces
Create workspaces in Power BI
Manually republish and refresh your data
Install and configure a personal gateway
Print and export dashboards and reports
Publish to web