Microsoft SharePoint For Administrators  (MO16SP301)

This course is the final part of our Microsoft SharePoint 2016 courseware and looks at the many features that can help SharePoint 2016 administrators streamline, automate, and facilitate site management tasks. It will familiarize students with creating and configuring site collections; configuring top-level sites; configuring site collection metadata; setting up archiving and compliance policies; using workflows; and configuring search options.

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Course Outline

  • Creating and Configuring Site Collections
    • This first lesson covers how to create a site collection, set quotas, configure audit options, and how to back up a site collection.
  • Configuring Top-Level Sites
    • Here, students are shown how to manage features and apps, how to add an RSS feed to a site, and how to create and configure document sets.
  • Configuring Site Collection Metadata
    • This lesson looks at creating content types and adding columns to content types.
  • Archiving and Compliance
    • Students are taught in this lesson how to configure site policies, configure in-place records management, configure information management policies, and configure and use the Content Organizer.
  • Creating Workflows
    • Workflows get a discussion here with the topics covering what workflows are, about the components of a workflow and how to plan and develop a SharePoint workflow.
  • Implementing and Configuring Search
    • Search no more, this course is at an end and covered in this final lesson is: how to configure search options and how to configure search alerts.