CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Series [self study]

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Course 01 – The Enterprise Security Architecture 1hr 29m

Topic A – The Basics of Enterprise Security
Topic B – The Enterprise Structure
Topic C – Enterprise Security Requirements

Course 02 – The Enterprise Security Technology 2hr 45m

Topic A – Common Network Security Components and Technologies
Topic B – Communications and Collaboration Security
Demo 1 – Least Privilege
Topic C – Cryptographic Tools and Techniques
Demo 1 – File Encryption
Topic D – Advanced Authentication

Course 03 – Enterprise Resource Technology 1hr 54m

Topic A – Enterprise Storage Security Issues
Topic B – Distributed, Shared, and Virtualized Computing
Topic C – Cloud Computing and Security

Course 04 – Security Design and Solutions 4hr 37m

Topic A – Network Security Design
Topic B – Conduct a Security Assessment
Topic C – Host Security
Demo 1 – Firewalls

Course 05 – Managing Risk in Projects 1hr 53m

Topic A – Create a Risk Management Plan
Topic B – Identify Risks and Their Causes
Topic C – Analyze Risks
Topic D – Develop a Risk Response Plan

Course 06 – Integrating Advanced Authentication and Authorization Techniques 27m

Topic A – Implement Authentication and Authorization Technologies
Topic B – Implement Advanced Identity Management

Course 07 – Implementing Cryptographic Techniques 57m

Topic A – Describe Cryptographic Concepts
Topic B – Choose Cryptographic Techniques
Topic C – Choose Cryptographic Implementations

Course 08 – Integrating Hosts, Storage, Networks, and Applications in a Secure Enterprise Architecture 1hr 11m

Topic A – Implement Security Standards in the Enterprise
Topic B – Select Technical Deployment Models
Topic C – Secure the Design of the Enterprise Infrastructure
Topic D – Secure Enterprise Application Integration Enablers

Course 09 – Security Research and Analysis 1hr 7m

Topic A – Perform an Industry Trends and Impact Analysis
Demo 1 – Security Research
Topic B – Perform an Enterprise Security Analysis

Course 10 – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 54m

Topic A – BCP Fundamentals
Topic B – BCP Implementation
Topic C – DRP Fundamentals
Topic D – DRP Implementation

Course 11 – Responding to and Recovering from Incidents 35m

Topic A – Design Systems to Facilitate Incident Response
Topic B – Conduct Incident and Emergency Responses

Course 12 – Legal Issues 35m

Topic A – Computer Crime Laws and Regulations
Topic B – Computer Crime Incident Response

Course 13 – Judgment and Decision-Making 40m

Topic A – Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Topic B – Determine the Root of a Problem
Topic C – Use Judgment to Make Sound Decisions

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