CCSA: Certified Cyber Security Analyst

Our Certified Cyber Security Analyst course helps you prepare an organization to create a complete end to end solution for proactively monitoring, preventing, detecting, and mitigating threats as they arise in real time.

Do not fool yourself, this course is far more advanced than you may expect. It is fast paced and thorough, so you can enjoy a well-rounded experience. Be ready to dig deep into the details of security analysis for today’s needs.

When we are done you will be able to setup and deploy state of the art open source and for purchase analysis tools, intrusion detection tools, syslog servers, SIEMs, along with integrating them for the entire company to find and an many cases prevent today’s exploits.

*This course maps to the mile2 Certified Cyber Security Analyst Exam as well as the CompTIA CySA+CS0-001 certification exam.

Days : 5
Price :




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Key Course Information

Live Class Duration: 5 Days

Language: English

Class Formats:
* Instructor-led

* Self-Study

* Live Virtual Training


(Any of the following Mile2 Courses)

Certified Security Principles

Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

Certified Incident Handling Engineer

Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

or equivalent knowledge

Applicable Exams:

* Mile2 C)CSA

* CySA+ CS0-001®

CPEs: 40
CySA+ and CS0-001 are registered trademarks of CompTIA

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Blue Team Principles
  • Module 2 – Digital Forensics
  • Module 3 – Malware Analysis
  • Module 4 – Traffic Analysis
  • Module 5 – Assessing the Current State of Defense within the Organizaton
  • Module 6 – Leveraging SIEM for Advanced Analytics
  • Module 7 – Defeating the Red Team with Purple Team Tactics


Who Should Attend?

* Security Professionals
* Incident Handling Professionals
* Anyone in a Security Operations Center
* Forensics Experts
* Cybersecurity Analysts