CITP: Certified Information Technology Principles

The Mile2® Certified Information Technology Principles – C)ITP certification course, is intended for anyone interested in learning computer fundamentals and IT Security. The C)IT provides essential technology on competencies and enhances foundational IT skills to improve students’ job performance. Students will learn competencies such as how to Utilize a computer, its hardware, database, and network. In addition, introductory computer security concepts are taught, such as access controls and best practices.

Days : 5
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The C)IT certification course is excellent for secondary or post-secondary students wanting to have a career in
IT or professionals considering a career change or simply looking for a broader understanding of IT. The C)ITP curriculum is an excellent fourdational program that can be included in academic two-year/four-year degree programs.
Statistics: The IT job space is predicted to double its demand in the next ten years. In fact, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT jobs are expected to outpace available IT engineers and are considered the fastest-growing field in engineering.