CRMFA: Certified Risk Management Framework Analyst

This course was created as a standard to measure the set of skills that specific members of an organization are required to have for the practice of certifying, reviewing, and accrediting the security of information systems. Specifically, this training was designed for the individuals who are responsible for creating and implementing the processes used to evaluate risk and institute security baselines and requirements. These critical decisions will be essential in making sure that the security of the information systems outweighs the potential risks to an organization from any internal or external threats.

Days : 4
Price :




Live Class Duration: 5 Days
CEUs: 40
Language: English
Class Formats Available:
Instructor Led
Live Virtual Training
Suggested Prerequisites:
(any one of the following)
This is an advanced look into how the RMF applies to government systems. 4-5 years of information systems security management is suggested (or equivalent education).

Module 1 -Introduction to the RMF
Module 2 -The Software Development Life Cycle
Module 3 – RMF Stage 1
Module 4 – RMF Stage 2
Module 5 – RMF Stage 3
Module 6 – RMF Stage 4
Module 7 – RMF Step 5
Module 8 – RMF Step 6

Lab 1 – RMF Structure
Lab2 – RMF Integration into the SDLC
Lab 3 – RMF Implementation: Prepare
Lab 4 – RMF Implementation: Categorize
Lab 5 – RMF Implementation: Select
Lab 6 – RMF Implementation: Implement
Lab 7 – RMF Implementation: Assess
Lab 8 – RMF Implementation: Authorize
Lab 9 – RMF Implementation: Monitor