IBM z/OS Container Extensions zCX

• z/OS Container Extensions (zCX), a new entitled capability of z/OS 2.4, ushers in a new era ofhybrid computing supporting running Linux applications directly on z/OS. 

• IBM® z/OS® Container Extensions (IBM zCX) makes it possible to run Linux on IBM Z®applications that are packaged as Docker container images on z/OS. Application developers candevelop and data centers can operate popular open source packages, Linux applications, IBMsoftware, and third-party software together with z/OS applications and data. 

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This class is intended for z/OS system programmers and IT specialists incharge of configuring, implementing and deploying zCX under z/OS 2.4- This class is also intended for Application developers who will deploy dockercontainers in a zCX z/OS container extensions instance


– General z/OS knowledge, including basic UNIX System Services skills- Basic knowledge of RACF- Basic knowledge of z/OSMF and workflowsTBD

Course Objectives

  • Describe the components of z/OS Container Extensions (zCX)
  • Plan the resources required to setup zCX
  • Configure and implement a zCX instance with z/OSMF workflow
  • Start and connect to your zCX instance
  • Access your zCX CLI Container and issue Docker commands
  • Provision and deploy application container using zCX docker CLI
  • Create Docker volumes for data persistence
  • Monitor and manage your zCX instance and your containers
  • Deploy some use-case applications in zCX containers
  • Understand the Security considerations for zCX and containers
  • Setup zCX user management and authentication
  • Implement clustering and orchestration of zCX instances and container
  • Understand how to to Dockerize your Applications for z/OS Container Extensions
  • Implement a zCX private secure registry to deploy your own containers
  • Position zCX in the world of Hybrid Cloud
  • Select workloads for zCX
  • Determine which application is a good fit for zCX
  • Describe some zCX use-cases

Outline: IBM z/OS Container Extensions zCX (ESX0G)

– In this course we will learn the capabilities and benefits of zCX.- You will plan, configure and implement a zCX instance with z/OSMF workflows- You will learn how to use z/OSMF to setup and configure zCX– Create, provisioning, and deploying a zCX instance- Use z/OSMF workflows to manage the lifecycle of a zCX instance, deprovision a zCX instance- Use reconfiguration workflow to increase/decrease resources for zCX instance- Using zCX Command Line Interface, you will- Get familiar with the docker CLI- Explore installing zCX containers within newly provisioned zCX instance- provision and deploy application containers using zCX docker CLI commands- Explore how to cluster zCX applications for higher availability and load balancing- Operationally control zCX- Dockerize your Applications for z/OS Container Extensions– Create Docker volumes for data persistence, monitor and manage your zCX instance and containers- Implement a zCX private secure registry to deploy your own containers- Exercises and recorded demos reinforce the concepts and technologies being covered in the lectures.