Splunk Enterprise Administration Fast Start

This Fast Start series is a bundle of 2 key modules with 30 hours of content provided over five days. This Fast Start prepares you to earn the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification.

Days : 5
Price :




Course Content

  • System Administration
  • Splunk Deployment Overview
  • License Management
  • Splunk Apps
  • Splunk Configuration Files
  • Users, Roles, and Authentication
  • Getting Data In
  • Distributed Search
  • Data Administration
  • Understand sourcetypes
  • Manage and deploy forwarders
  • Configure data inputs
  • Fire monitors
  • Network inputs (TCP/UDP)
  • Scripted inputs
  • HTTP inputs (via the HTTP Event Collector)
  • Customize the input phase parsing process
  • Define transformations to modify data before indexing
  • Define search time knowledge object configurations


Splunk Power User Fast Start (POWER-U)