Certified IPv6 Security Specialist

Are you ready for the coming storm? According to our team of security experts, the implementation of IPv6 will likely produce another Wild, Wild West across the internet! The ease at which a hacker can steal your data in an IPv6 environment is, well just scary. Internet protocols are not written with security in mind, they focus on functionality and if we are not aware of the pitfalls of IPv6 we will see the financial loss due to hacking skyrocket, just like the old days before we properly secured IPv4!

Days : 5
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Module 1: Introduction to IPv6 Security
Module 2: Ipv6 Protocol Security Vulnerabilities
Module 3: Ipv6 Internet Security
Module 4: Ipv6 Perimeter Security
Module 5: Local Network Security
Module 6: Third-Party Risk Management
Module 7: Security for IPv6 Mobility

Who Should Attend?
Network Administrators, Network Engineers, DataCenter Engineers, Security Engineers, CTO’s, CIO’s, IT Managers, IT Professionals

Upon Completion
Upon completion, the student will be able to competently take the C)ISS exam.

Participants will be able to apply forensically-sound best practice techniques against virtual infrastructure entities in the following use case scenarios:

Understand the need for IPv6
Understand the security threats to IPv6
Understand how to secure your environment for IPv6
Understand how IPv6 works over the internet and the intranet
Understand Security on Mobile devices related to IPv6
Walk away with a network design specific to your companies needs that will make implementation secure and simple