Adobe Acrobat DC: Accessible PDF Forms (AcroForms)

In this course, you will learn how to: Make existing PDFs more accessible; Comply with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines; Comply with the PDF U/A specification; Add accessibility features from the source document when possible; Ensure compliance of form elements and processes; Evaluate accessibility and compliance and repair issues.

Days : 3
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Course Outline
Brief review
Types of disabilities
Assistive technologies
WCAG 2.1
Assistive tools in Acrobat DC and Adobe Reader
Accessibility preferences
Replacing document colours
Using the Read Out Loud feature
Using keyboard navigation
Using auto scroll
Using the Reflow view
What is PDF U/A?
Comparing PDF U/A and WCAG 2.1
Which should you use?
Achieving conformance for both
Version and Conformance
Document requirements
Technology requirements
PDF U/A 7.1 General
Tagging content
Creating artifacts
Flickering content, contrast, colour, formatting and layout
Document title requirements
Working with scanned documents
Related WCAG criteria and techniques
PDF U/A 7.2 Text
Logical reading order
Character encoding
Natural language
Related WCAG criteria and techniques
PDF U/A 7.3 Graphics
Tagging graphics
Creating artifacts
Providing alternative text
Related WCAG criteria and techniques
PDF U/A 7.4 Headings
Permissible headings
Heading structure
Related WCAG criteria and techniques
PDF U/A 7.5 Tables
Proper use of tables
Table structure
Table heading requirements
Related WCAG criteria and techniques
PDF U/A 7.6 Lists
Proper use of lists
List structure
List requirements
Related WCAG criteria and techniques
Other PDF U/A and WCAG 2.1 requirements
Page headers and footers
Footnotes and references
Annotations (i.e. comments and links)
Use of fonts
Creating PDFs with accessibility in mind
Working with authoring tools such as Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word
Structuring your document in the source file
Exporting with accessibility options enabled
Testing the resulting PDF for accessibility
Understanding and repairing issues in Acrobat DC
Working with form elements
Choosing the right controls
Tagging form elements
Associating labels to controls
Tabbing order and keyboard navigation
Providing tooltips and screen reader text
Field restrictions such as required fields and formatting
Working with user input and providing feedback
Working with actions
Related PDF/UA and WCAG documentation
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