After Effects

In this course you will learn how to: Import audio, video and other assets; Create special effects and transitions; Add and animate text.

Days : 3
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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Special effects and After Effects
    • Overview of the post production process
    • Working with the After Effects interface
    • Creating Workspaces for various Effects flow
    • Overview of Composition and Timeline
  • Project and Composition Settings
    • Using Composition and Custom presets
    • Resolution and pixel aspect ratio settings
    • Adjusting After Effects Preferences
    • Managing media in the Project panel
    • Using quick search
  • Importing Assets
    • Overview of video, audio, image and graphics formats
    • Video, audio, image and graphics issues
    • Importing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files
    • Importing Adobe Premiere Pro projects
    • Working with Adobe Dynamic Link
  • Special Effects Fundamentals
    • Overview of the timeline and composition
    • Adding, removing and managing layers
    • Basic trimming and editing tools
    • Working with time controls
    • Layer properties
    • Duplicate and split layers
    • Timeline switches
    • Working with in points, out points and duration bar
  • Effects and Transparency
    • Working with alpha channels
    • Introduction to layer blending mode
    • Using track matte
    • Applying filters to layers
    • Creating layer masks
    • Working with mask expansions and feather
    • Working with the Roto Brush tool
    • Introduction to the motion tracker and stabilizer
    • Working with presets
  • Using Keyframes
    • Overview of keyframes and motion
    • Using keyframes in layers
    • Adding, removing and editing keyframes
    • Working with the pen and vertex tools
    • Modifying motion paths
    • Adding keyframes to filters
    • Keyframe assistance interpolation
    • Introduction to the graph editor
  • Working with Text
    • Using the type tool
    • Working with the character and paragraph panels
    • Applying layer styles (shadow, glow, bevel, emboss, satin)
    • Applying animation effects to text
    • Creating 3D text
  • Exporting and Rendering
    • Working with the render queue
    • Render settings
    • Output module settings
    • Export formats