Photoshop: 3 days

Adobe Photoshop is used the world over for image editing and preparation. This course will show you how to process, crop and straighten images. Work with the adjustment features to enhance colour and the brightness/contrast in an image. Use Photoshop’s famous Layers features to merge 2 or more images together. This course will also feature batch processing for large projects and the use of Photoshop’s retouching tools. And then see how to save your images for web and print.

Days : 3
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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Opening, closing, and saving documents
    • Working with various file types
    • Setting Photoshop preferences
    • Setting up the Workspace
    • Introduction to Camera Raw
    • Using Adobe Bridge to organize or open your images
    • Understanding the Undo and History features
  • Navigating and Getting Started
    • Zooming in and out on your image files
    • Scrolling tools and rotating your canvas
    • Opening files and using multiple views
  • Image Basics
    • Understanding image size and resolution
    • Cropping by size and ratio
    • Cropping by composition
    • Straightening an image
  • Image Adjustments and Enhancements
    • An overview of common colour and contrast problems in images
    • Correcting and enhancing colour and contrast using adjustments
    • Sharpening Images
    • Using blurring to enhance composition
    • Creating dynamic black and white images
  • Working on a Selected Area of an Image
    • Why use a selection?
    • Creating selections with various tools
    • Selection options
    • Refining and modifying selections
    • Saving and loading selections
    • Enhanced selections
  • Working with Layers
    • How layers work and the various kinds of layers
    • Creating, duplicating and deleting layers
    • Creating a new layer from a selection
    • Moving layers in front or behind each other
    • Scaling, rotating individual layers
    • When should you merge layers together?
  • Working with Text
    • Text as a label
    • Paragraph Text, and Text Styles
    • Merging text into photographic compositions
  • Layer Masking
    • What are masks and why use them?
    • Converting selections to layer masks
    • Using layer masks with adjustments and filters
  • Output
    • Understanding colour, image size and resolution for web and print
    • Saving and exporting your images for web, print and other media
  • Production Techniques
    • Batch Rename in Adobe Bridge
    • Using the Image Processor Script
    • Batch processing common tasks
    • Working with Metadata
  • Image Extraction and Photo Composites
    • Extracting images from their background
    • Warping layers with the Liquefy filter and the Puppet Warp tool
  • Retouching Images
    • Fixing common problems such as dust, scratches, blemishes and unwanted objects
    • Using photo enhancement tools such as dodge, burn, sponge, blur and sharpen
    • Filling in missing image data when removing an object
    • Using the History Brush as a Retouching Tool
    • Fixing Red eye, changing eye colour and skin tone