Microsoft Teams End User

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. This course will provide an overview of how to use features within Teams such as chat, online meetings, calls and more. Learn the core features of Teams and how it relates to other Office 365 apps to make your team more productive.

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Module 1 – What is Office 365

Office 365 vs Office ProPlus
Office 365 Mobility
Online Apps
Device Apps
Desktop Applications

Module 2 – Office 365 Navigation

Section 1 – Office 365 Start Page
Navigate with the Start Menu
Find Apps
Search for Documents
Pin Documents

Section 2 – Settings
Customize Landing Page
Manage Software Downloads
Change your Language and Time Zone
Change your Password

Module 3 – Work and Collaborate Better with Teams

Section 1 – What is Microsoft Teams and How to Access
Best Practices of Using Teams
Accessing Teams
• Via Office 365
• Downloading Teams App to the Desktop

Section 2 – Creating and Managing your Teams
Creating a Team
Creating a Team from an Existing Team, or Group
Managing Teams, and Members
• Controlling Member Permissions
• Controlling Mentions
• About Emoji’s, GIFs, and Stickers – Enabling them via Team Settings
• Adding Team Members
Assigning Roles to Members Once Added [Owner vs. Member]
Managing Channels
Adjusting Navigation Pane for Teams
Favorite vs Following

Module 4 – Working with your Team

Section 1 – Managing Collaborative Conversations with Entire Team
• Different Options to Communicate with Members
• Ways to Save, Like, or Edit Your Own Messages
• Using Mentions in Conversations to Grab Someone’s Attention

Section 2 – Working with Documents in Teams
Working with Files
• Uploading Files
• Accessing Other Cloud Storage SharePoint Files
Uploading Files Into a Conversation to Collaborate
• OneDrive for Business, Teams, or Your Hard Drive
Editing and Collaborating on Files
• Live Co-authoring of Team documents, Using Conversations
• Editing Online, In the desktop, or in Teams
Sharing Files with Someone Not on the Team

Section 3 – Customize your Team Environment
Adding and Customizing Tabs Inside the Channels
• Wiki
• Other Connectors
Make Main Documents a Tab
Team Notebook

Module 5 – Managing Meetings in Teams

Starting an On-Demand Meeting via Conversations
Sharing Your Desktop
Recording a Meeting
Adding to Stream, and as a Custom Tab
Scheduling Meetings and Inviting Colleagues Inside Teams
Scheduling Meetings and Inviting Colleagues Using Outlook

Module 6 – Private Conversations

One on One Private Chats
Working with Messages – Sending, Receiving, Editing, Saving and Deleting Messages
Adding Someone to the Conversation
Escalate Chat to an Audio Call

Module 7 – Other Features

Understanding Your Activity Feed
Understanding Bots
Using Search in Teams

Module 8 – Other Apps


Module 9 – Modern SharePoint Team Sites

SharePoint Start Screen and New Search Features
Following Sites
Document Libraries
• Site End Users vs Backend Teams
Team Notebook

Module 10 – Work with Your Documents with OneDrive for Business

Section 1 – Navigate the OneDrive Interface
Store Personal Documents with Access Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
See Documents Shared with You
Recover Deleted Documents
See your Team Documents
Create New Documents, or Upload Existing Ones
Sync for Access Without an Internet Connection

Section 2 – Manage Sharing and Permissions of Documents Yourself
Different Security Levels of Sharing Links
Changing Permissions
Review Documents you Have Shared
Stop Sharing your Documents

Section 3 – Collaborating on Your Documents
Work with Your Documents Online
Work with Your Documents Using Desktop Applications