After Effects: Advanced Effects

In this course you will learn how to: Stabilize shaky video; Create special effects; Work in a 3D workspace; Create cinematic effects.

Days : 2
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Course Outline

  • Advanced Keyframing
    • Working with multi-keyframes
    • Using graph editor
    • Keyframe velocity
    • Keyframe interpolation (temporal, spatial, roving)
    • Keyframe assistance (exponential scale, time-reverse)
    • Converting expression to keyframes
    • Editing keyframes with the vertex tool
  • Layer Masking
    • Creating and modifying layer masks
    • Animating layer masks
    • Using multi-layered masks
    • Mask interpolation
  • Motion Tracking
    • Working with the motion stabilizer
    • Using Tracker
    • Creating a Motion Sketch
    • Creating Tracking Masks
    • Working with 3D Camera Tracker
    • Working with the smoother and wiggler
    • Working with Roto Brush and Refine Edge
  • Mattes and Keys
    • Creating alpha and luma mattes
    • Using the blending mode
    • Working with a color key
    • Blue and green screen
    • Working with keylight and spill suppressor
    • Difference matte and key
    • Luma and linear color key
    • Track Matte and simple choker
  • Effects and Transparency
    • Using distort effects
    • Simulation and generate effects
    • Using the particle playground
    • Perspective and 3D channel
    • Text, time and stylize
    • Brush and clone stamp tools
    • Working with channels
    • Paint effects
    • Audio filters (modulator and tone generator)
  • Lights and Camera
    • Working with 3D layers and views
    • Creating lights (spot, parallel, point and ambient)
    • Light settings (intensity, angle, feather, color, etc.)
    • Creating cameras
    • Camera settings (focal length, DOF, aperture, F-stop, etc.)
    • Using the orbit camera tool
    • Adding null objects, shape and adjustment layers
  • Exporting and Rendering
    • Using time span and sampling
    • Interpret footage
    • Working with various frame rates
    • 3:2/24P pulldown and filed render
    • SD/HD video formats and compressions
    • Converting HD to SD and SD to HD
    • Working with the render queue and output module
    • Network rendering and watched folders