Illustrator: Advanced Illustration Techniques

Take the tools found in Adobe Illustrator a step further. Learn how to create complex illustrations, use the perspective grid and add effects to your artwork.

Days : 2
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Course Outline

  • Brief Review
    • Setting on screen workspaces and Illustrator’s preferences
    • Document set up and using the artboard tool
  • Working with Appearances and Patterns
    • Working with multiple fills, stokes and effects
    • Working with patterns on fills and stokes
  • Creating Complex Illustrations and Advanced Techniques
    • Working with Illustrator’s colour tools
    • Working with the different modes of the Brush tool
    • Working with the Blob Brush tool
    • Drawing inside other objects
    • Using the Bristle Brush to produce realistic painting techniques
    • Using effects and transformations to duplicate and position shapes
    • Working with blends to create complex gradients and to merge shapes together
    • Working with gradient meshes to reproduce realistic shading effects
    • Using clipping masks to create frames for objects
  • Drawing with the Perspective Grid
    • Understanding the basics of 2-point perspective drawing
    • Adding and modifying a perspective grid
    • Drawing and transforming objects using the grid
  • Working with Transparency Effects
    • Using the different types of transparency effects (opacity and blending modes)
    • Working with transparency on multiple objects and groups
    • Using various pixel-based transparency effects (drop shadows, glows and blurs) and adjusting the settings
    • Transparency effect considerations